Are AKTU Even Semester Exams postponed?

Are AKTU Even Semester 2020 Exams postponed?

Yah, You are here to know that is AKTU the university in Lucknow has postponed Even Semester Exam. This question is in the mind of every student of Aktu Engineering because even the semester exam date is coming near.

Now I would like to tell you that On 4-April-2020 AKTU released a circular in which they said that AKTU has not decided the postcondition of the Even semester exam as the decided date of Examination id coming near. AKTU in this notice said that they had not decided to postpone the Even Semester exams.

They also recommended the Engineering student to not to believe the fake news around social media.
They said that they will only release their notification πŸ””  regarding Examination of Even Semester 2020 on their official site i.e. 

They said that they will decide the dates regarding examination after completing the lockdown in India. AKTU also advise the student to check out the latest e-lectures from their AKTU ERP, that are free to watch you can learn online for free.

Due to the separation of COVID-19 continuously government may increase the time period of lockdown in India as the number of cases is increasing. India is one of the country which has the second-highest population in the world, India is getting respect form the World as they are doing good to control the separation of COVID-19 around the people. Lockdown is the best way to control this dangerous virus as this is getting as the reason behind the deaths of thousands of people around the World, We should apply lockdown as the washing of hand πŸ– and Social distancing is the best option to get rid of this virus. As an Engineering and responsible student of India, you should respect Lockdown to save our country from Coronavirus.

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