India Sunday Janata Curfew for Coronavius on 22-03-2020

Coronavirus India Shut down! 

Hello, Everyone there in India you are here to know what is Janata curfew? that is just announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
In an event-based at upon Coronavirus PM Modi announced a curfew that is to be followed on the next Sunday i.e. on 22-03-2020 according to this curfew no one citizens of India is allowed to not to go outside their homes, These things are announced to control over coronavirus that is spreading fast in India.
PM Modi also said that every one of Indian at 5'o clock of 22-03-2020 in from their window will give great respect and energy to the corona affected person and also those who are recovering these types of people by clapping or beating something that sounds well.
PM Modi also suggests to Indians not to go to the hospitals or out of a home that can help us to stop the separation rate of coronavirus. They said that we are the world's second-highest population in the world we should be most careful. They suggest following to Wash hands regularly, keep space from each other, try to cover your mouth mostly.


  • Wash Hands.
  • Cover mouth.
  • Try not to go out of the home.
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